Mount Shasta - City of Pure Water

Infinity Kombucha is the first commercial Kombucha brewing company in Mount Shasta California, the small mountain town that is world famous for having the purest water in the world!
People come here from all over the world, usually on some sort of spiritual or health related quest. Many think this mountain is sacred, and the waters are healing for almost any ailment. Whatever you believe, its worth it to come to Mount Shasta and have some adventures that could be out of this world!

We have been Kombucha Junkies for many years. Every time we go on Vacation, we always seek out local Kombucha breweries and wish we had one in our small town. Well now we do!

most popular Flavors!

  • See our Kombucha Flavors

    Ginger, Tumeric, and Cayenne

    A little spicy, and a whole lot of refreshing! One of the healthiest kombucha flavors!

  • One of our most popular flavors

    Blackberry Pomegranate

    Blackberries are wild and delicious in Mount Shasta, try one of our favorite recipes!

What exactly is Kombucha?

Some people think its a mushroom tea, while others think its a sour tasting stew. The truth is that its neither. Kombucha is a lightly fermented tea, flavored with organic fruits and juices. That simple. The science however is mouch more complex to reach the symbiosis that is needed to brew a great batch of the bubbly booch. Read more about the history and facts about Kombucha Here.

  • History of Kombucha

    Fun Facts and History

    Did you know this amazing beverage has been around for over 2000 years? Its has incredible history!

  • Kombucha Flavors

    Check out our Booch Lab!

    We are always trying new things. New flavors, new teas, and new science in our SCOBY

  • Find Infinity Kombucha in these fine locations

    Where to buy Infinity Kombucha

    From Farmers Markets to Health Food stores, to Hip Restaurants. These locations are in the cool club!

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