Kombucha of Mount Shasta

About Us

Infinity Kombucha is the first commercial Kombucha brewing company in Mount Shasta California, the small mountain town that is world famous for having the purest water in the world!
People come here from all over the world, usually on some sort of spiritual or health related quest. Many think this mountain is sacred, and the waters are healing for almost any ailment. Whatever you believe, its worth it to come to Mount Shasta and have some adventures that could be out of this world!
We have been Kombucha Junkies for many years. Every time we go on Vacation, we always seek out local Kombucha breweries and wish we had one in our small town. Well now we do!

Where to Find Us

  • “That is the best darn Kombucha I have ever tasted”

    — Cathy B

  • “I hope I never have to drink the bottles at the store again”

    — Levi L

  • “I'm so glad you guys found something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”

    — Julia D

  • “Never work before having Kombucha; if you have to work before Kombucha, Drink your kombucha first.”

    — Josh B

Sweet Tea

Mixtures of Black, Green, and White Teas from around the World

Pure Water

The Town of Mount Shasta California is world renowned for being ~The City of Pure Water~


Carefully Monitored and abundantly loved. Its not uncommon for us to talk kindly to our Scoby.


We test many exotic tastes to bring you our best of the best. Only the finest ingredients.

Find Our Kombucha

We will be updating this list very soon, please check back!


  • Mount Shasta Farmers Market

    Mt Shasta Farmers Market

    Mondays 3:30-6pm

  • Infinity Kombucha Lab

    Ashland Farmers Market

    Starting in 2018. Tuesdays

  • July 4th Mount Shasta

    July 4th Celebration

    Mount Shastas' Biggest weekend of the year!

  • State of Jefferson Brewfest

    State of Jefferson Brewfest

    Not your usual brew, and not your usual fest either!


  • Infinity Kombucha Brewery

    Infinity Kombucha Brewery

    Look up our hours on Facebook, and fill your growlers!

  • More locations coming soon!


    Look for us On Tap at your local supermarket

  • Local restaurants

    Local Restaurants

    Look at our Facebook Page for which ones. Eat here first!

  • Local Bars/Clubs

    Local Bars and Clubs

    If you don't see it, demand it!

Upcoming Events

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Farmers Markets

May-October. Mondays 3:30-6pm

Grab some fresh veggies while you sip on some fresh Kombucha!

Music Concerts

Dates TBA

We love some great festivals!

Private Parties

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  • 407 B Berry St. Mount Shasta, CA 96067
  • (808)250-8061

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